11th Dentistry Scientific Meeting

International Dentistry Scientific Meeting 2017 (IDSM) is an annual dentistry scientific event held by Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Indonesia for dental students and dentists all over the world. Formerly known as Dentistry Scientific Meeting in its past 9 years, DSM has broadened its scale to International level since last year as the 10th International Dentistry Scientific Meeting. This year marks the event’s 11th year in providing continual seminar and courses that accelerate knowledge and skills of dental students and professionals.

In this forum, participants will be able to take part in scientific programs such as seminars, hands on, poster presentation, and courses given by outstanding international and national speakers. There will also be dental exhibition throughout the event which hosts some of the industry’s top manufacturers and suppliers. In 2017, IDSM chose “Clinical and Research Updates in Dentistry” as the topic of the event in order to increase people’s interests in dental research. The main event will be held on September 16-17th, 2017 at IMERI FKUI, Central Jakarta.


Dental Scientific Seminar

The longest-awaited event of IDSM FKG UI 2017. Our annual Dental Scientific Seminar will renowned dental practitioners and researchers from across the world to explore our current topic of “Clinical and Research Updates in Dentistry”, and enlighten seminar participants of clinical and research subjects in contemporary dentistry.


A direct way of enhancing participants’ proficiency and comprehension in the realm of dental practices. Expert dentists will provide lectures on a selected subject in dentistry. Participants will then be privileged to participate in a training workshop on dental procedures related to that particular subject, while being supervised by the aforementioned dentists.


Call for Papers
IDSM FKG UI 2017 invites dental students from all over the country to submit their scientific research or case report, for a chance to have their papers be published in the Universitas Indonesia Proceeding and Atlantis Press Proceeding. Selected participants will be provided travel award eligible for 1 person per paper submitted, and a privilege to prepare and deliver a presentation about their research in front of International and National IDSM participants.

Literature Review Competition
The Literature Review Competition seeks after the most awe-inspiring critical review of a particular research currently being conducted within the field of dentistry expected to contribute to the development of contemporary dental practices. Undergraduate students may submit their review papers to partake in this competition.

Non-Scientific Competitions

In addition to the scientific literature review competition, other competitions of non-scientific variants are also conducted by IDSM FKG UI 2017.

Wax Carving Competition
The Wax Carving Competition invites undergraduate students from across the country to carve and shape a block of wax into the anatomy of a certain tooth selected by the judges. This competition aims to evaluate as well as broaden dental students’ knowledge and aptitude in the visualization of dental anatomy.

Poster Competition
The Poster Competition gathers posters designed by health science students from all over the country and looks for the most well-designed one as the winner. The theme selected by the judges for this year’s Poster Competition is “healthy lifestyle”. All submitted posters will be showcased in our Dental Exhibition.

Dental Exhibition

IDSM FKG UI 2017 will also commence a exhibition on dentistry. Our sponsors, mostly suppliers of dental equipment, will have their products eligible for the participants’ purchase in their respective stands. We will also showcase the winning works of the Literature Review Competition as well as the Poster Competition.